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The 2019 Defence Media Awards were presented at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on the 13th October.

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The Defence Media Awards 2019    -   Winners & Shortlisted Finalists


Best Young Defence Journalist - sponsored by NAMMO

The nominees for the Best Young Defence Journalist

Kelsey D. Atherton - C4ISRNET

Megan Eckstein - US Naval Institute (USNI) News

Sam Cranny Evans - Jane’s

Lee Hudson - Aviation Week & Space Technology

Kate Martyr - Shephard Media


                              The winner is Megan Eckstein



Best Naval Systems Submission

The nominees for the Best Naval Systems Submission

Jon Harper - “Incoming: Can Aircraft Carriers Survive

Hypersonic Weapons?” – National Defense

Lee Hudson - Next Battle for USS Harry S Truman Will Be

Over Carrier’s Retirement - Aviation Week & Space Technology

Aaron Mehta and Joe Gould - US could lose a key weapon for

tracking Chinese and Russian subs - Defense News

Jason Sherman, Going Great Guns – Naval Warfare

International - Shephard Media

Dr. Lee Willett- China’s Jiangkai Frigate Roll-Out Delivers

Global Reach- Armada International


                                           The winner is Jon Harper



Best Military Aviation Submission - sponsored by Honeywell

The nominees for the Best Military Aviation Submission

Jeremy Binnie and Ashley Roque - US confirms P-8A Poseidon

was close to RQ-4A Global Hawk down by Iran’ – Jane’s Defence


Pat Host - Flight preparation: Pentagon’s radical experiment for

future air superiority – Jane’s Defence Weekly

Gareth Jennings - Bolt-on lethality: Modular weapons provide

punch for helicopters - International Defence Review

Mandy Mayfield - “Fighting Over Fighting Jets: Pentagon Plan to

Buy F-15EX Sparks Controversy” – National Defense

Steve Trimble - Sustainment Shift – Inside MRO


                                                            The winner is Pat Host



Best Military Rotorcraft submission - sponsored by Elbit Systems of America

The nominees for the Best Military Rotorcraft submission

Frank Colucci - Heads Up, Eyes Out, All Around

- AHS International Vertiflite

Elan Head and Lloyd Horgan - Mission in Mali

- Vertical 911

Gareth Jennings - Rotary revolution: Helicopter

technology advancements on the cusp

- Jane’s International Defence Review

Tim Martin – Fighting It Out – Defence Helicopter

Joetey Attariwala - CSAR - Building towards a

capability - Asian Military Review


                                                          The winner is Frank Colucci



Best Training, Simulation and Readiness submission - sponsored by CAE

The nominees for the Best Training, Simulation and Readiness submission

Lee Hudson - U.S. Army Shakes Up Pilot Training

- Aviation Week & Space Technology

Steven W Miller - Fighting Bloodless Battles

- Armada International

Joe Pappalardo - The Air Force Is Changing How

Special Ops Fighters Are Trained - Popular Mechanics

Oriana Pawlyk - Here’s How the Air Force Hopes to

Train 1500 New Pilots Every Year -

Kate Warner - The Best Simulation Training Capability

in the World? - Military Simulation & Training (MS&T) magazine


                                                         The winner is Lee Hudson



Best Breaking News story

The nominees for the Best Breaking News story

Gina Harkins - Sailors Created ‘Rape List’ Aboard First Sub to Integrate Women


Valerie Insinna - The hidden troubles of the F-35 - Defense News

Hope Hodge Seck -  Navy to Change Pilot Call Sign Protocol After Minority

Aviators Report Bias –

Yasmin Tadjdeh - Analysts Surprised by Boeing-Leonardo’s UH-1N Helicopter

Win – National Defense

Marcus Weisgerber - Boeing Is Pitching the US a New F-15, Using Its Super

Hornet Game Plan - Defenseone


                                                        The winner is Valerie Insinna



Best Land Systems submission - sponsored by Northrop Grumman

The nominees for the Best Land Systems submission

Jon Harper - Army Aiming to Prevent Soldiers from Being Outgunned

– National Defense

Jen Judson - US Army’s modernization efforts foster boom in US-foreign

partnerships - Defense News

Beth Maundrill - Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD)

- Land Warfare International (Shephard Media)

Ashley Roque - Taking Defensive Action - Land Warfare International

Kelvin Wong – Rising sons: Japanese ground forces transformation continues

pace – Jane’s International Defence Review


                                                         The winner is Ashley Roque



Best Technology Submission - sponsored by L3Harris

The nominees for the Best Technology Submission

Mark Cazalet – The price of quality: Weighing the survivability cost of advanced

AFV mission systems - Jane’s International Defence Review

Mike Gruss - Could artificial intelligence save the Pentagon $15 billion a year?


Pat Host - Satcom surge: Lasers to provide a communications opportunity

– Jane’s International Defence Review

Stew Magnuson - Quantum Technology: Defense Community Slow to Grasp

Potential of Quantum-Based Devices – National Defense

Dr Thomas Withington - Unpicking the Electromagnetic Tapestry

- Asian Military Review


                                                      The winner is Stew Magnuson



Best Un-manned Systems submission - sponsored by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems

The nominees for the Best Un-manned Systems submission

Lee Hudson - U.S. Marines Want UAV Payload Design First, How to

Fly Comes Later - Aviation Week & Space Technology

Jen Judson - Robots take on complex obstacles in US Army exercise

– Defense News

Connie Lee - Army Looks to Replace RQ-7 Shadow – National Defense

Oriana Pawlyk - MQ-9 Gets First Air-to-Air Kill in Training Exercise,

Air Force Official Says –

Richard Thomas - Unmanned VTOL eyes fixed-wing real estate

-Unmanned Vehicles


                                                        The winner is Jen Judson



The John Morrocco Award for Best In-depth Defense Reporting - sponsored by Boeing

The nominees for the John Morrocco Award for Best In-depth Defense Reporting

Gabriel Emil Dominguez Cespedes - Fight and talk: Washington’s

new strategy for Afghanistan - Jane’s Defence Weekly

Gina Harkins - The Untold Heroism Behind a Marine’s Secret

Navy Cross from Benghazi –

Aaron Mehta - How the US and China collaborated to get nuclear

material out of Nigeria — and away from terrorist groups - Defense News

Oriana Pawlyk - The Days of Secret Military Operations May

Soon Be Over. Does it Matter? -

Steve Trimble and Guy Norris - Pole Position

- Aviation Week & Space Technology

Marcus Weisgerber - Pentagon To Start Creating Space Force

- Even Before Congress Approves It – Defense One


Judges Commendation Gabriel Emil Dominguez Cespedes





                                                         The winner is Gina Harkins









The Outstanding Achievement Award - sponsored by Lockheed Martin


Julian Nettlefold - Battlespace













Colin Clark - Breaking Defence


































































































































































































































































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The 2019 Defence Media Awards will be presented at The National Press Club in Washington D.C. on Sunday 13th October 2019

DMD 2019

The 2020 Defence Media Awards will be presented at the National Press Club, Washington D.C. on 11th October. The 2020 Call for Nominations has begun, to go to the nominations page


The 2019 Defence Media Awards were presented at the National Press Club on 13th October.


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